Sweet Family Warmly Welcomes You


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Sweet Family Warmly Welcomes You

Chiba, Chiba Prefecture, Japan


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Summary: Our mansion is located close to JR (Japan Railway) Tsudanuma Station, 3 min on foot. Tsudanuma is conveniently located in between both airports, Narita (1h by train on the JR Sobu Line) and Haneda (1h by Airport Limousine Bus). Please disregard Keisei Line, which also gets you here but isn't as user friendly as Japan Railway.

Update: Only couples and females are currently accepted. Reason: Wife (Takae) will be staying with our 2 boys home alone. I (Patric) am currently living and working on Guam.

Apartment: Happy to share our 3LDK (65 sqm), new mansion type accommodation equipped with all sorts of electronic gadgets, with lovely globetrotters. You have your own Japanese tatami room. Huge supermarket across the street and Lawson convenience store with a budget Italian restaurant right in front of our building. Shopping centers, restaurants, bars, amusements, and lots of greenery within minutes by foot. Not only ideal for those who are boarding an early morning flight from Narita and need a place to crash the night before, but also proven to be an excellent base camp to discover both, the suburbs and busy Tokyo nearby, connected with a world-class railway system. Please consider booking in for more than 1 night.

Kids: We have 2 little boys (7Y + 9Y as of 2017), so we welcome families w/kids. Great experience for our kids to meet other cultures. For more info, please read my profile description.

Travel: It takes 1h to get to Shibuya, Harajuku, Shinjuku, and other parts of central Tokyo. Akihabara, Asakusa, and Tsukiji are even closer. 15 minutes to Chiba and 45 minutes to Tokyo Disney Land / Sea. The popular Makuhari Messe (convention center) and beach at Kaihinmakuhari are accessible within 20 minutes by public transportation. Use [HyperDia] online to search for your train connection to / from JR Tsudanuma Station. If you wish to travel extensively in Japan (Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, etc.), consider purchasing the Japan Rail Pass before coming to Japan. And those of you who're coming from Haneda Airport, be advised that the last Airport Limousine Bus to Tsudanuma departs at 11:30 pm, so please choose to land before 10:30 pm.

Seasons: Due to blooming cherry blossoms from end of March to mid April, our place is notoriously booked out well in advance. And those of you who want to climb Mt Fuji all the way to its peak, be advised that the official climbing season ranges from July 1 to August 31. For more info please visit [fujisan-climb].

Mobile: Need a phone or Internet connection? Rent a mobile phone at the airport, or order a SIM card online through [bmobile] and have it sent to us one week prior to your arrival. Or get a Pocket WiFi at [japanwifiservice]. Korean mobile phone providers offer a Japan network flat rate for their subscribers. In Japan, Starbucks and other establishment don't let you connect easily to their WiFi, so don't count on it like you do in your own country. When at home, you may of course use our wireless Internet. The voltage here is 110V, so it's safe (but less powerful) to use European (220V) electronic devices.

Reviews: We're not only in for the cash but also find it important that our boys grow up in an international environment. But that can become tricky in a country (like Japan) with a 5% foreign population. Therefore, we'd appreciate if you also like communicating with the little ones. We have more than 50 reviews on other accommodation hosting sites, all of which earned 4 to 5-star reviews.


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There are no house rules. My wife returns from work at 6 pm, therefore check-in is preferred between 6 and 11 pm on weekdays. Weekends more flexible. Are you coming from Narita, Haneda or elsewhere in Japan? Happy to assist with transportation advice. Check-out any time before noon by yourself ok.

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Waktu Menginap Maksimal 8 malam

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Jan 2018

Highly recommended. It is so close to JR Tsudanuma Station, which is about an hour to Narita Airport and and 30 minutes to Akihabara. Aeon Store with 24-hour supermarket is just across the street. Many food choice around. If shopping is your favourite, there are several shopping centres like Aeon, Parko, Mina and Morisia within walking distance.

Patric is out of town but his wife Take-chan is very nice and her boys are friendly. She provided us with what we needed. The room was neat and tidy.

To experience a Japanese-style home stay, this is really a good choice.

Patric, Taka-chan, Felix and Max, thank you very much for your warm hospitality.


Jul 2017

Patrick's family was really kind. Although Patrick was on a business trip and did not see his face, I felt friendly with his family. His wife and children were very kind to me. If I have a chance to travel, I want to stay again.
Thank you for making good memories.


Mei 2017

Patric's apt is warm, clean, and comfortable to stay. I've enjoyed staying there...
His kids (felix and max) are nice kids toward foreigner that they never meet yet.
This family was so helpful to us who never been to Japan before. They give us meticulously direction so we never got lost...
Perfect home and good family..
You'll never regret for staying in here, cause you'll feel like you're at your own home... 


Apr 2017

패트릭과 가족들은 매우 친절했다. 첫날부터 AEON 같은 편의 시설을 사용하는 법을 직접 가서 알려주었고, 내가 궁금한 점이 생겨물어 봤을 때, 내 일인 것 처럼 알려줬다. 애들은 내가 나갔다가 돌아오면 내 방 문을 열어주는 등 장하고 귀여운 애들이다.
숙소 사용에 있어서는 샤워 시설부터 이것 저것 필요한 게 없지 않으니 어지간해선 불편할 일은 없었다.
위치적으로는 주변에 AEON을 비롯해 백화점 등 편의시설이 잘 갖쳐줘있고, 숙소에서 도쿄나 나리타 공항 등 교통도 제법 편한 곳이니 도쿄를 비롯한 그 근처를 보고자 한다면 아마 제법 좋은 위치일 거라 생각한다.

位置的には近くにAEONとかデパートがあり、そして東京と成田国際空港までもかなり交通がいい所だから、東京とその周りが予定ならSweet Family Warmly Welcomes Youをすっごくおすすめ。
Patrick dan keluarga yang sangat ramah dan membantu. AEON dari satu hari untuk menggunakan fasilitas yang sama pergi langsung untuk membiarkan Anda tahu, saya punya pertanyaan ketika ditanya, sebagai hari-hari saya saya mendapatkan diberitahu saya. Ketika saya membuka pintu ke kamar saya salah satu anak-anak berdandan lucu, seperti AE.
Ketika datang ke penggunaan mandi hostel ini yang seharusnya tidak perlu sedikit untuk bekerja.
Lokasi dekat dengan fasilitas, seperti sebuah department store, serta AEON setiap memukul saya, dan membuat saya merasa seperti Tokyo atau Bandara Narita dari hostel, seperti mudah resep di sini jika Anda ingin melihat lingkungan, termasuk Tokyo, mungkin dalam posisi yang baik, saya pikir hukum saya.

Patric shi tidak ya ka t ha-ta, 変 keluarga. Tidak, tidak ada i na ra ka AEON melakukan tidak Jepang 使 方 wo ku te re ta e 教 Naoki bertanya. 知 ri ta ta ko ga i t 時, tapi tidak memiliki ta saya ni mi terus tanah menit 伝 t te re ta ku. Coba t-mo ta chi ga ta 供 pribadi 時, Seiki Nagoya tidak melakukan ulang wo ke te ku ta ri, untuk memotong ni shi te ku ka saya begitu dicintai, saya menggunakan t besar da ta. Shi ya ha wa State ー 宿 untuk ka na ko ga untuk warna tradisional 々 要 ri, na ko na untuk ha saya tertangkap mata saya memancarkan.
位 置 的 ni ha ni ka pa ku ー AEON hampir seminggu kepada ri ga, begitu de shi, Tokyo Stasiun untuk te 国 際 交 空 港 ka na ma ga ri de mo saya tidak saya ka da ra, berbicara di Tokyo untuk ra na ri ga 予 定 Zhou sehingga tidak ada keluarga manis hangat menyambut Anda wo su su su ku o saya t pergi.
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Apr 2017

Very nice and warm family. We love youngest kid. Highly recommend.
Keluarga yang sangat nyaman dan hangat. Kami mencintai anak-anak termuda. Sangat merekomendasikan.
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Apr 2017

Very nice and warm family. We love youngest kid. Highly recommended.
Keluarga yang sangat nyaman dan hangat. Kami mencintai anak-anak termuda. Sangat dianjurkan.
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Mar 2017

1. 패트릭가족은 너무너무 친절하다.
나의 실수로 체크인 시간이 많이늦었음에도 불구하고 우리를 반겨주었다.
그리고 전철을 어떻게 이용하는 지 함께 돌아다니면서 설명해주었다.
패트릭의 아내와 아이들도 우리를 밝게 맞아주었다. 패트릭의 가족은 우리의 시간을 철저히 지켜주었고 자유롭게 해주었다.

2. 숙소와 역 사이는 가깝고 편의시설을 이용하기에 적합하다. 대도시와도 교통이 편리하게 되있어 좋았다.

3. 숙소는 남자 두명이서 사용했는데 전혀 불편함이 없었다. 그리고 매우 깨끗했다.
흡연할수있는곳도 있지만 금연 하길 바란다.
샤워시설도 깨끗하다.

모든게 좋았다.
1. Patrick keluarga ini sangat ramah.
Aku punya banyak waktu untuk check-in, terlambat kesalahan, meskipun kami memberikan setengah menang.
Dan bagaimana saya kas dalam bergerak dengan kereta api.
Patrick's istri dan anak-anak juga memberi kami hak untuk mencerahkan. Patrick keluarga memberikan waktu kita dan mengawasi gratis.

2. akomodasi, dekat dengan fasilitas, antara stasiun yang cocok untuk digunakan. Akses mudah ke Metro dan baik.

3. aku digunakan dua anak laki-laki ketidaknyamanan. Dan sangat bersih.
Rokok dapat melakukan tapi berharap untuk berhenti merokok.
Fasilitas shower bersih.

Itu adalah semua baik.   
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Hee S

Jan 2017

patric and family are very kindness. and house is clean and warm.
patric helped me if I didn't know anything.
Tsudanuma station near house was very convenient!
I will never forget family.
Patric dan keluarga sangat kebaikan. dan rumah bersih dan hangat.
Patric membantu saya jika saya tidak tahu apa-apa.
Tsudanuma Stasiun dekat house adalah sangat nyaman!
Aku pernah akan melupakan keluarga.
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Wai K

Jan 2017

房東很好人, 當時凌晨十二點多, 去錯了地鐵站也專程來接我們。 房子整潔, 東西也很整齊, 非常好的一個體驗!
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Dulce A

Jan 2017

Very accomodating, very cool family. I love them! When i
Come back to Japan definitely
Ill stay again with their place! Kisses to everyone! Godbless you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ramah, keluarga sangat dingin. Aku mencintai mereka! Ketika aku kembali ke Jepang pasti sakit lagi tetap dengan tempat mereka! Ciuman untuk semua orang! Godbless Anda ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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